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Standard Massages: Our Standard Massage is a harmonious blend of techniques tailored to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to release tension, soothe sore muscles, or simply escape from the daily grind, this massage offers a comprehensive approach to relaxation. From targeted relief in our 30-minute session to the ultimate indulgence of our two-hour treatment, immerse yourself in a journey of tranquility that balances the body and revitalizes the spirit.

30 Minute Massage: $90

60 Minute Massage: $150

90 Minute Massage: $200

120 Minute Massage: $250


Prenatal Massages: Embrace the beauty of motherhood with our Prenatal Massage. Specially designed for expectant mothers, this massage addresses the unique challenges and joys of pregnancy. From alleviating backaches and fatigue to enhancing the connection between mother and baby, our sessions provide a nurturing touch that supports the transformative journey of pregnancy. Whether you opt for our 60-minute or extended 90-minute session, you’ll emerge feeling comforted, connected, and cared for.

60 Minute Prenatal Massage: $165

90 Minute Prenatal Massage: $215


Lymphatic Massages: Elevate your well-being with our Lymphatic Massage, a therapeutic treatment designed to stimulate and rejuvenate your body’s natural detoxification system. By focusing on the lymphatic pathways, this massage promotes the efficient removal of toxins, supports a robust immune system, and enhances overall health. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing 30-minute boost or a deeper 60-minute cleanse, this massage offers a holistic approach to inner vitality.

30 Minute Lymphatic Massage: $100

60 Minute Lymphatic Massage: $200


Specialty Massages: Discover the ancient art of Reflexology, a specialty massage that taps into the body’s energy pathways through the feet. By targeting specific pressure points, this treatment offers a holistic approach to well-being, harmonizing the body’s various systems. Our 30-minute session is a grounding experience that not only rejuvenates the body but also brings peace to the mind and soul.

30 Minute Reflexology: $90